about we are mÜesli

A diverse mix of seeds, colors, words, graphics and more

We Are Müesli is an INDEPENDENT GAME design duo BASED IN MILAN, ITALY, made up of visual designer Claudia Molinari and creative writer Matteo Pozzi. After years of professional experience in DIFFERENT fields of communication (graphic and service design, TV and more), IN 2011 Claudia and Matteo STARTED working together on cultural and artistic projects of unconventional storytelling, FROM ANALOG TO DIGITAL (and back). STARTING FROM THEIR DEBUT IN GAMEMAKING with THE AWARD-WINNING VISUAL NOVEL "CAVE! CAVE! DEUS VIDET." (2013), WE ARE MÜESLI FOCUS on narrative games rooted in cultural, historical and artistic topics. SINCE THEN, CLAUDIA AND MATTEO HAVE BEEN actively involved in the indie games community WITH MULTIPLE SHOWCASES (sxsw 2014, indiecade 2014, egx rezzed 2015...) AND TALKS (GDC EUROPE 2014-2015, CODEMOTION 2014-2015, MALTA GLOBAL GAME JAM 2016...) AT WORLDWIDE EVENTS. THEY ALSO WORK AS teachers AND lecturers on VISUAL AND narrative game design (DIGITAL BROS GAME ACADEMY AND CIVICA SCUOLA DI CINEMA "LUCHINO VISCONTI" IN MILAN, FRUIT EXHIBITION 2014-2016), BUILDING BRIDGES BETWEEN AN inclusive, BIODIVERSE videogame culture AND other fields of creativity LIKE digital arts (LUMEN PRIZE 2014), graphic design (AIAP DX 2015), ARCHITECTURE (BEIJING DESIGN WEEK 2015) AND ILLUSTRATION (BOLOGNA CHILDREN'S BOOK FAIR 2016).

ABOUT claudia molinari

the pencil: visuAl AND GAME designer

I am Claudia and I am a graphic designer, illustrator and art director. After studying anthropology, photography and media, art direction and graphic, trend and concept design in the cities of Cambridge, Brighton, London and Milan, I started my career in 2004 working for several graphic studios in Italy and abroad such as A+G, Lumen and A+A. Before entering the game design industry, I worked for five years as visual designer with the Italian service design company Logotel (2009-2014). The passion for graphic design and visual identity helped me gain a solid background in trend research, iconography, typography, color, pattern and texture. Aside my commitment in game making, I am a teacher, lecturer and speaker on topics related to art and narrative in game design. My personal achievements also include a D&AD Commendation (2008), an Italian Young Creativity Award (2008) and two Spot School Awards (2008) as well as being part of AIAP Millennials: the new scene of Italian graphic design (2015).  

ABOUT matteo pozzi

the pen: GAME DESIGNER AND writer

Born in Monza in 1980, I started as a game journalist in the early 2000s while completing my studies in Journalism, Publishing and Multimedia Communication in Milan. I've been working as a freelance screenwriter since 2006, mainly on sit-coms for Disney Channel Italy but also on different TV genres and ongoing minor productions, short formats and branded content for several clients and channels. In an almost parallel professional existence, I collaborated with Italian service design company Logotel from 2008 to 2014 as a copywriter on communication projects and chief editor of Weconomy, an editorial platform (book + website + magazines + events) about collaborative innovation and sharing economy. As a content editor, I also took part to three collective exhibitions for Milan Design Week (Making Together in 2012, (In)visible Design in 2013 and award-winning Timescapes in 2014) and contributed to the launch of local association Made in Lambrate (2014).